Monday, 14 November 2016

Through the open Door or Gate
by Mac

My Header
Wet n Misty Morning.
Part of Lincoln Cathedral.

Part of Lincoln Castle

An old Prison cell in Lincoln Castle.

The Haunted Passageway

A Christmas fair at her Ladyships House,

Doorway to Scotland's Past

Doorway that leads you from the Past to the Future

The Doorway  to be Blessed

The doorway to a Stormy day.

The Gateway to the inner city.

Thats yer Lot Folks

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Anonymous said...

That header was right up my alley. That kind of shop from the inside of a door and out is difficult, but very nice when you get it right. And you did it very, very well!

George said...

I love all these views through doors or gates. You've captured these scenes beautifully.

Lew said...

Great selection of old gates, Mac!

Katney said...

I recognized Lincoln Cathedral as soon as I sAW IT.