Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Well, Christine - you have chosen a beautiful theme this week - apart those trees that have leaves all year round - Leafless is eye catching - and to prove it - just go and visit the other Headbangers and see what they have posted for "Leafless Trees"
You will find these good folk on my side bar - near my shield.
before you go visiting - just spend a few minutes checking my LEAFLESS TREES out.

My Header
As the sun goes down, there's a warm feeling to my photo, with my leafless tree standing proud in the middle of the photo.
But there's more - much more to see before you go visiting ----

Reflecting its Beauty, this tree bows down to you all.

Total Leafless is this tree, and grows along the ground, for children to climb  and play upon.

Take a stroll along the canal, and see the leafless trees, with the odd one or two with leaves.

Standing Guard in the rock cemetery - near the caves, stands another Leafless Tree.

More reflecting trees - showing off their Beauty- for all to see, just walk around the lake and see-----

Leafless tree - this poor tree was very poorly and had to be cut down and cut up.

Leafless trees along the stream, with a carpet of snowdrops on show.

Three leafless trees, stand side by side by side - all in a row - just for all you good folk - to see their Beauty.

Standing proud n tall, showing off its naked body to all.

Another Reflection leafless set of trees, with their leader holding the setting sun - just for ev1 to see their Beauty.

The old leafless tree, surrounded by trees wearing their coats of Leaves.

Our tallest tree on show, who watches out over all the other leafless trees on show.

Grandpa of all the leafless trees.

Leafless trees watching the show jumping.

On a winters eve, stands our friendly leafless tree.

As night takes over from daytime, we have an avenue of Leafless trees - for here we have 

Take care on your way home - keep safe - be Careful.



Lew said...

Wonderful shots of the trees. Magnificent photography!

ju-north said...

Wonderful photos as usual! Love the reflections

George said...

You got some beautiful leafless trees, but your captions were just as wonderful as the photos themselves. Well done!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Thanks for your works of art Mac mdf. You have some wonderful captures on your trips. That header looks like it could be out of Africa.

Christine Soto said...

Well, Mac, you've got my gold vote. Just wow. Your header is stunning; I love the warmth it reflects even with a seemingly lifeless tree. And your photos with the water/reflections are just beautiful. Very nice work this week.