Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Thanks Heavens - for the SUN.
For without our SUN - There would be No Shadows.

And talking of Shadows
My Header
Standing watching the sea rolling in, the clouds float away, The Sun came out high in the sky - and -our Shadows appeared below us - out came our Camera's.

More Shadows.
Bare Feet - as the waves wash over our toes with the tide coming in, One thing we love to do ASAP we arrive in St Ives - Cornwall.

Shadows of the Groins.

Shadows - as we walk down an old Cobbled Street.

Shadows in a Graveyard.

Shadows of the Railings of a Stately House.

Sun casting a shadow on a Leaf.

Shadow casting on a dainty Flower.

Shadow of  a Bare Autumn Tree.

Shadow casting in the Tunnel of Laburnum, with Julie too.

Well - Thats yer Lot Folks.

Pop across to where my shield is and visit the other Headbangers and see what their Shadows are of.



Lew said...
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Jackie said...

You had to be at the perfect place at the perfect time to get the shadows at railing of the stately house photo. What a capture!
Beautiful photographs, Stewart.
Always beautiful photos....

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nicely done Mac, love the spiraling fence.

Lew said...

Wonderful shadows all around mery ole England! Love the Tunnel of Laburnum - must be a relaxing place just to stroll or sit and enjoy the beauty. post script: Bet you did not dip your toes in the incoming tide in January.

Katney said...

Those curved railings cast a really spectacular shadow.

Christine Soto said...

Some great shadow images, Mac! The header is very well done, and are they really called the groins?? I love the image, whatever they're called. Plus the shadows of the railings--the flow of the lines in that image are just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Just add Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davies and it would be even more perfect!