Tuesday, 19 January 2016

(HB Theme week)

I think B/W Photos have a magic all of their own.

My Header
Damsel Flies 
This is one of my Favourite Photos, taken at Belton House Lake with my 75-300 Lens
@ 300mm // Hand Held.

A stroll along the rocks, when a Mighty Wave came!!!

St Ives Light House - with Sunlight Reflection - as A Mighty Storm about to Break.

Queen of the Lake Swan and its Reflections.

The Long Road Home - Avenue of trees.

The Moors Road to the Moon.

Ruins of an Old Abbey - from Ireland.

An Autumn Leaf, curled at its sides.

Holiday flats in Negative type Photo.

Cycle Sports Race - with my 300mm lens.

Thats Yer Lot Folks.

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Lew said...

The photo bug in you really puts on a show sometimes! Some great camera work here (and a steady hand for the header)!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool capture Mac, Damselflies Mating.

Katney said...

some nice images, mac.

Christine Soto said...

There's so much I can say about your black & whites here, Mac. Each one projects a different mood, and there's so much for my eye to take interest in. They're all absolutely stunning.