Tuesday, 2 February 2016


In the Kitchen or items from the Kitchen is our theme this week by Christine.

We all like to know what the time is-while we are in the Kitchen, to time things ect - ect, so lets start with the clock from the Kitchen, an ideal clock too we have

My Header
Ideal for the Kitchen theme eh! - wot say U all,lol

Post Pics
 Our Kitchen is very small - compared to the American Kitchen, when there's 2 of us in our Kitchen, its crowded,lol.
Also  - I bet you all have a Dish Washer installed?
Our Dishwasher - is ME, I wash the pots ect and dry them too with a tea towel- - - which leads me to the next 2 photos
Especially made photo for this operation, My washing Up Water + a squirt of washing up Liquid.

"Wots that" - I hear you all say, if you all have a Dishwasher, then you might not see this - after washing up a glass - then stand it upside down on the draining-Board, as the kitchen window is right in front of the draining board, and the sun shining through the window - the sun catches a bubble in the glass, and we have a RAINBOW BUBBLE.

A lot of work has gone into this post - as some photos were set up and taken just for this post - (((trying to make it interesting)))LOL

On the window sill, we have a Flowering Cacti.

Also Fruit n Veg items are kept in the fridge in the Kitchen

These 2 photos have been used before in our Header Challenge Theme Game, but fit this post  to a Tee.

Kitchen Tools are also kept in a Drawer or a Pot(Jug)

Hanging on the wall - we have a spoon holder - when in use, its near the stove, to put your stirrer on, love the Verse here too,lol.

Well Time is up
My Last Photo
Are you Egg-Aspirated, lol.


Hope you have enjoyed
My Photos - from the Kitchen -- Now go visit the other HEADBANGERS and see THEIR ideas.
These wonderful folk can be found - near my shield.



George said...

I love all of your creative kitchen photos. We have the same dishwasher in our kitchen, but don't have a sunny window like yours. Wonderful job with this theme.

Anonymous said...

a SMALL kitchen - with all that content? What it lacks in size, it must make up for in warmth.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat post Mac, enjoyed the views of the kitchen.

Lew said...

Creative is indeed the word to describe these images! Love the clock and the rainbow. I have seen that effect with soap bubbles, but not as dramatic.

Christine Soto said...

What a great collection of kitchen photos. And I just love your clock!!