Monday, 16 November 2015

by Tom
Success Ive managed to sort a way to post
an Header and a post Folks, after downloading the latest version for the Mac.
Short one I know but we is away. Yay.
My Header posted is 
the Turnstones of St Ives having a fun dance together.

My Post pic is 
Me - after a Fun-Fun-Fun night out with the Lads.

Short post, sorry folks just found a way to post.

Pop across to my side bar near my shield and see what the other HEADBANGERS have posted for Toms choice theme of Fun-Fun-Fun



George said...

I'm glad you found a way to post. I really like your header.

Bloodhound said...

Hi Stewart, Its a very long time since I came anywhere near 'Blogger' but here I am and WOW!
Your header is fantastic and is worthy of the front page of a birding magazine.
How I wish I'd taken that one.
Please forgive the intrusion into the Head Banger's corner. Bye for now.

Katney said...

So you are once again off having fun fun fun!

Christine Soto said...

Glad to see your post today! The birds look like they're having fun, right in step with each other. :)