Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Macro by Kathy

There's True Macro - Macro and close-up Photography, 
I would put myself on at Close-up to Macro.
A Friend and work mate (before I retired) is into True Macro and he's Great - he is really into Macro Photography.
I guess my Header would boarder line on being Close-up to Macro, as this Photo was taken on my 75-300mm Lens @ 300
you don't have to have a macro lens. but it helps a great deal.

A Greenbottle Fly, just been after the pollen
(as you can see.)

two more types of Fly.

Here we see a Dragon Fly(with a little cropping)

The eye of an Owl with a little reflection.

Now for some Flower Power
I love this shot, the colourful centre with rain drops on the Petals

An Alien Flower - that likes to gobble on 
Human-beings, lol

Mix the two together and what do you have?
A Bee inside of a flower - after the Pollen.

Now a Sticky bud - a nice close-up shot.

This is where I have used my Macro Lens

Macro Coins.
A one penny piece
and a 
five pence coin
Just to give you an idea of their size
here are the coins on a paperback Novel book

Not in the macro section but a close-up shot of 
The Moon.

As you know, I'm a bit of a fun-guy,
so  - not to spoil it this week
for my fun-spot of the week

I Give you
"" I warned you Dudes - what would happen""
{{This is Mc-Fly's Table n Beer}}

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Katney said...

I took pictures of pennies, too, but didn't use them. Otherwise we are all on the same track this week with bugs and flowers. My fun gi are different from yours as are Christine's.

Lew said...

Wonderful set of images, Mac! Great clarity and color! Somewhere I have a pence or two from my trips through Heathrow to other parts of Europe.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat photos on the post Mac.

Christine Soto said...

Well, I knew you'd have some spectacular macro images--I really think this is where your photography shines. Amazing, all the insect images, but I especially love the image of the white flower with the dew drops. Simply beautiful, Mac.

ju-north said...

Beautiful images! Macros have to be my favourites. Always a bit confused about closeup and macros - guess you've given a few clues here!

George said...

I enjoyed all of your photos, whether they are true macros or not. The detail you've captured is amazing and fantastic. I especially like the close-up of the water drops on the flower -- and, of course, your last picture.

Anonymous said...

That was some shots over the moon ;-)
Well done, whether you call them close-ups or macros!