Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Any Sport not played with a Ball
by Mac

Welcome to Belton House - Horse Trials 2014

My Header

It was a slightly overcast day - with a little sunshine, a wonderdfull day was had by all.

Here we see the transporters and one of the Horses.

Here's two just trotting down to take part in the Cross Country Trial.

A photo from the Cross Country Event

Another rider warming up for the main Event

Here's a Photographer clicking away on the warm-up 

Another Photographer inside the course capturing the Main Event

Here's my favourite  shot of the Event - also my Header

To finish of my Post  - 3 shots rapid fire


Thats all folks.
Pop over to my side bar - near my shield and see what the other HEADBANGERS  have for my choice theme of
Any Sport with-out a ball.



Lew said...

Great shots of the horses, especially the jumping! Certainly was a festive occasion. I thought about horse racing, but the Kentucky Derby was out of my price range.

Dave Cawkwell said...

Some great shots here especially your header, perfect placement. Well done.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Excellent captures Mac. Good thing they don't have to jump a ball.

Katney said...

Great choices.

Christine said...

Beautiful action shots, Mac, and your header is the superior one!