Wednesday, 13 May 2015

by Christine

Letting goooooo - Looking forward to seeing Christine's 
Letting Go - as she has something in Mind, as to my
Letting Go - I have a mixture to show ev1.

My Header
Letting Go - Verbally.

Post Pics of Letting Go
Letting Go of a Building - to Rack n Ruin.
I just love to Photograph Buildings like this for their colour and Textures.

 Letting Go - with the Wind

Letting off Fireworks and see them Go.

Letting Go of Balloons - and see where they land - in this case - with the Waves.

Letting Go of a Feather, as it drifts down a stream.

Letting Go of the Cork of a Bottle of Bubbly - to celebrate todays Winner ??

Letting Go of the edge and being pulled down into the Vortex of water - Down the Plughole,lol

All Packed up of your Worldly Goods and Letting Go of one House and on the Move to Another.

Mother Duck - Letting Go of her little chicks -- As Most Mothers have to with their Children - when the time comes to face their first time  to move out permanently to face life.

Nows the Time 
For me - of Letting Go of you all to my side bar {near my shield}
and Visit the other HEADBANGERS and see their take on Christine's theme of LETTING GO.



George said...

I like your 'letting go' photos very much. The old building is truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

If you don't win this one something must be wrong somewhere. The Champagne is of course the winner.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Those were some great choices Mac.

Lew said...

Great bunch of photos - I like them all!

Christine said...

I love your eclectic choices for this week's theme, Mac! Love that old building especially, and wow--that cork! What timing that must have taken.

ju-north said...

Great variety! and a great choice of theme!