Wednesday, 22 October 2014

by LEW

My song this week is Autumn Leaves
sung by Susan Boyle

Autumn and signs of
The Fall is a most remarkable time of the year, the colours are Wonderful, from a leaf to the whole wooded area.

BUT it also means its a busy time for Gardeners all over the World - to clear the leaves - which brings me to my Header

Autumn Leaves have to be raked up in certain area's such as Belton House Estate, 
as in my Header

Here we have the Gardeners at work with the Autumn Leaves.

Now let me show you My Colours and  Signs of the Fall
A twig with the colours on the change

Leaves already with their Autumn Colour and nearly ready to fall

A few branches of a tree with its Autumn coat on

A whole tree with its Autumn Coat on, just a little fallen on the ground

The true Autumn Carpet

Lets get DOWN to the floor and see after a while, with folk walking through the Fallen Leaves, they can be very slippery and folk could be in danger of slipping.

Autumn time is THE time for Photographers.

Time for Photographers to capture something like this.
Autumn Reflections

Or this!  - An Autumn Tree Tops Carpet of Colour.

Now, what about the Creatures in the Fall Time
Autumn Swan - with Autumn Colours reflecting with Fallen Leaves Floating.

An Autumn Stag - almost ready for the Rutting Season.

Here's a photo I captured a couple of days ago
in Belton House Grounds

Reflecting - Autumn Time in Autumn Years.

Well folks thats my show on Signs of Fall.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Really cool captures Mac.

Linda said...

Hi Stewart, your photos are gorgeous! So sad you are on Facebook more these days. :(

I love your blog. Warm greetings from a very cold and windy Montreal, Canada. :)

Anonymous said...

You have really used your camera for all it is worth this time. Colours galore!

Lew said...

Beautiful display of fall colors and more! And wet leaves on smooth stones do make for a tricky walk.

Christine said...

What a fantastic collection of autumn images. I love that first shot of the twig in multiple colors; amazing. And the reflection images--truly perfection. I always admire your photography!!

Craver Vii said...

Autumn Reflections made my jaw drop!

ju-north said...

Beautiful images. You've really captured autumn very well