Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dont Rock The Boat
by Mac

My showcase music today 
is Highlighting
Tom Wigley
1 of Tom W choice was Johnny Cash
so  TomW & ev1 - Enjoy

Dont Rock The Boat, was my choice and My Header just shows you what can happen if you do - Rock The Boat

My Header

Now let me show you some Boats getting Rocked
Careful Kids - don't rock them there boats

In - out  -- in - out  Together - and PLEASE don't rock this boat!!

Get off that phone and SIT - you're gonna Rock this boat.

Careful - don't rock the boat, or you'll have ev1 get soaked.

Just rock it gently Sid, I was up all night!!

 Rocked - by the Sea

Push gently, so you don't rock the boat Fred.

Can some of you folks move over to the left hand side for balance please.

Now to the big ships

Lower gently - don't let it rock

Dont lean over the side to much Harry, the seas are gonna be a bit rough soon and we'll rock quite a bit.

Hold on Tight chaps - The sea looks as if it could be a little rough out there and we could Rock a little!

Well thats all folks
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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

What fun Mac, your header gave me a start. You had some great boat snaps.

Lew said...

Looks like you went down under to get your header! Delightful set of nautical shots.

Craver Vii said...

VERY nice showing here, Imac! Believe it or not, the one that got to me was the sleepy seagull, because of the caption. Yeah, I can relate to that.

Tom said...

Excellent.... stunning pictures once again for the challenge ..

George said...

I very much enjoyed your photos of boats (and ships) in danger of being rocked. Well done!

Christine said...

You've got a great selection of boat pics, Mac! I love how you did your header; perfect for the theme.

Gattina said...

Long time I haven't been on your blog, I see that you only do the Header challenge, nothing else anymore ? The photos are beautiful !

Jackie said...

OK. I thought I'd fallen out of my chair and gotten up on the wrong side of the computer screen!
But, no. It's my friend...making me dizzy with that first photo!
I send hugs and smiles to you and to Julie...and hope that your Easter is a very blessed one, my friend.

RuneE said...

I loved that last one! For your information The Tall Ships 2014 will visit Bergen in July :-)