Tuesday, 8 April 2014

09-04-14 = NIGHT LIGHTS by Craver

I'm showing & Playing Tom - Fishing Guy's choice of 
Music this week.
Country Music - Sugarland.
please listen to this lovely music while you scroll thru my post.

Night Lights, 1st thought is Car Lights @ Night.
Trying to think outside the box  - once more.

Nottingham's City 

My header
Nottingham's city square
Patterns and colours changes

My Posts
The Large Ferris Wheel
Also some buildings were lit up.

Decorated Trees
Ello ello ello
Wots happening here then?
An out-of-space Family appears out of nowhere?

Time we moved up to the Castle
Pretty coloured lights in the bushes

The Daleks - are here to create havoc

No - Wait - Dr Who to the rescue ev1.

Nottingham's City Lights from the Castle

To finish with - 
Make a donation to Charity, anyone could have their short message put on a huge heart shaped balloon for 3 minutes.
Here's my message to my Darling Wife Julie.

Well, thats yer lot for today, go to my side bar, near my shield and visit the other Headbangers and see their take on Cravers theme of 



This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Fun post with a lot of great colors in the night.

Lew said...

Nottingham certainly lights up the night with color! And a delightful message in lights for Julie!

katney said...

They really go all out in lighting up the night.

Craver Vii said...

Brilliant! (literally)

The music video was all kinds of fun, too!

I'm praying for you today, Friend.

Tom said...

WOW! What stunning shots you have for us tonight Stewart... All the best to you ... you have been in my thoughts today.

Christine said...

Love your header building, and that message to your wife is sure something special!

Christopher Frost said...

It was a good night. 3 years ago now I think. Due to the council cuts, it's not been as good since.