Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Dyptych by Kathy

My Music SHOWCASE this week 
Features Lew and his choice of music

1812 Overture 
This is a wonderful story how the battle begins and how it builds up to the cannons firing and then peace.
Take a few minutes to listen  - while you go through my post pics for this weeks theme.

My Header
Our young Nephew Max who is now 4yrs old.
Tells the story of Julie cooing over Max then wanting to take his photo.

My Posts are quite different from each other.
Dyptych = 2 photos together telling a story.

Two photos showing (with more photos in album) telling the story of my life.

Julie's work - portraits of ourselves - 2 pics put together.
The original works of Art are above our bed, so we know which side of the bed we sleep in, case we forget,lol.

A little bit of work here - trying to put 2 photos together - a near match but not quite.

 A little different - still 2 pics telling a story.

Now here's different

A - Triptych - 3 photos together
Found this in my album from 2009.

Well folks - thats all for now
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ju-north said...

Some great memories! Lovely shots!

katney said...

Now that's perfect--every one.

Lew said...

Indeed, great double images! Love the expression on Max's face as he looks intensely at Julie!

Jackie said...

These all tell a lovely story....
And I love the one of Julie and Max. Precious beyond words!!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very neat Mac, thanks for sharing your talent.

Craver Vii said...

My favorite diptych here is the one that goes from tot to groom.

I'll get back later to listen to Tchaikovsky. That's a fantastic music selection!!

RuneE said...

I just fell for the little one in the header - our third little grandchild will be christened on Sunday :-)

Christine said...

Great diptychs! And thanks for making me not the only one to post a triptych!! :D

Christopher Frost said...

Imagine if there were a diptych of imacs on the loose, both carrying cameras. No one or nothing would be safe from their lenses!