Wednesday, 5 February 2014

COLD by Lew

My Song this week is - The Story of my Life
sung by the Fab Group - ONE DIRECTION
This is a great song and not to be missed

This week for COLD Im showing the Bakers Dozen (13photos)

My Header
Walking the Dog on a very COLD Freezing and Frosty Sunday Afternoon along Grantham Canal

A very COLD Moonlit Night

A very COLD evening on The Yorkshire Moors

Very COLD  day on the Allotments as a Steam Train Passes

 Children having Fun on a COLD Day
Sledging and making a large snowball

At Home
COLD  and frozen windscreen on our car

Crowning Glory - COLD Daffodils with their Snow Caps
COLD and Frozen Grasses as night desends

So COLD water freezes as we try to water the Daffs (lol)

Macro shot of a COLD  and frozen Icicle.

Its even COLD and Freezing for our Garden Spiders

Now for something completely  different for my 13th post
On a HOT evening what better than a COLD pint - watching the sun go down.
Well folks - I hope you all have enjoyed my version of COLD by Lew.
Now go to my side bar - near my shield and visit the other  headbangers and see their take on COLD
Cheers Folks - one more for the Road.


DeniseinVA said...

Fabulous photos! Your header shot looks like a painting.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun post Mac, enjoyed your photos of the cold England landscape.

Craver Vii said...

Love that frosty web! Oh, and pass a pint this way, will ya?

Lew said...

Your canal is beautiful even in winter cold! I always thought the moors were cold and damp, mainly from reading Sherlock Holmes stories. My favorite of this "baker's dozen" is the frozen windscreen - looks like the alps from a plane.

George said...

I think you've done a great job with these cold scenes. I really like your last picture (at least the inspiration for it), but your frosty spider web is spectacular.

Christine said...

Those are all great! Especially love the steam train shot with that long trail of steam. Your frozen windshield--at first I thought that was an aerial view of a winter mountain range! Seriously!

Betty Manousos said...

wow, that's a lot of snow! absolutely fabulous shots. i love all of them. great work, my friend!

Anonymous said...

We have a -5º F this morning. And lots of snow and ice on the ground. I liked your photos and the one of the steam train is special to me.

Jackie said...

I've been off the blog for a while, but when I returned, I looked forward to seeing your photos, Stewart.
Amazing shots of the cold and beautiful displays of winter.
Just beautiful!
The one of your car's window cover looks like snow-capped mountain peaks. Just spectacular shots!