Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Our own choice

My choice of music this week is
SMILE - by - Nat King Cole

by Mac

My Header

Mum In Law - Jessie. (who has vascular Dementia)
out for lunch with family and friends.
on ordering Dessert
We told Jessie that she wouldn't eat it all but Jessie still wanted it, so we asked for 5 more spoons,lol - Bless her.
When the dessert arrived - a photo of Jessie was well worth it - to see the look on her face.

My Theme is Smile Awhile - Looking Back.
A short history of the Headbangers and looking back on some of the past Headers though-out our time of posting.
Tom(Fishing Guy) and I had been changing our headers for a while for fun when Tom Wigley got interested and joined us, after a short time we decided to make it a  fun competiton with voting and awarding Shields, with TomW help.
Not wanting to spend hours -or even days visiting lots of folk and commenting - we decided to keep it small with only a few rules and members.

So - October 2009 THE HEADER CHALLENGE was born
and we adopted the name of THE HEADBANGERS.

Four years and three months later we are going strong, having fun and friendly competition.
Wednesday is posting day, voting as soon as ev1 posted and by Thursday results are posted and our shields shown on the side of our Blogs.

Our Team

Retired but not forgotten
Tom W
Apologies if Ive not mentioned anyone-Im sure someone will remind me-age thing you know,lol.

My Posts are a selection of past Headers that I think gave us all a

Help - I'm Sinking

And he didn't get a toe wet! lol

Friday Night is - Lads Night our for a Pint

A Laugh - during a time of Stress - is a Tonic.

A Smile keeps you dry while it pours down with rain.

Not sure if The Headbangers from across the Big Pond will have heard of Bill & Ben - The Flower Pot Men.
Google and you will find its a Childs TV program.

All Aboard my LilyPad 

No need for words here - lol

Tom Wigley and Mac - giving ev1 a smile.

Who wants to burst my Bubble? - For a Smile

My 65th BirthdayParty gave a few Smiles
Photo by Tom Wigley.

Well Folks - Hope these gave ev1 a Smile (or 2) 
for My choice of this weeks theme of our choice

Please go to my side bar - near my shield and visit the other Headbangers and see their take on this weeks theme.



This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun headers Mac, it was fun to look back.

Craver Vii said...

You have an optimistic and fun way to look at things, Imac.

Linda said...

They are beautiful!!!

Lew said...

Delightful! Jessie's bright eyes and smile reminds me of my Mom before alzheimer's disease dull them. You have given us a nice scroll back through your headers. I remember many of them as I found photosfromthemindseye long before I joined headbangers.

Christine said...

I loved looking back at your past headers, and as the newest member of the Headbanger Team, THANK YOU for posting a little of its history!

Christopher Frost said...

Good to see ML enjoying her pudding. And of course all your other smiling faces

George said...

Thanks for many smiles and for the history of the Headbangers.

Betsy Adams said...

Love this post... And it DID make me smile... Love all of the photos... But the one of Jessie with that huge dessert is priceless.

OH--how much fun you have!!!!! I enjoy hearing from someone else who loves life so much.

RuneE said...

A fine theme for you - You smiled all the time in Bergen, despite the rain and the gulls :-)

Betty Manousos said...

ooh, what a fun post along with fun photos!