Wednesday, 31 July 2013


This week I have broken my rule of music to fit the Header.
Im showing a short film of my 65th Birthday party - which was filmed and edited by my mate Brian - Called Stewarts Birthday, I hope you all will watch - enjoy = then please share, many thanks folks.


My Header

Land of the Large Cats
I was woken up  with a start one morning with a loud noise like a me-ow - but much louder than a cats meow. I got dressed and went outside to investigate - just as the sun was coming up, and there in front of me was this huge giant of a cat, I looked around and found myself in a land that I didnt recognise. 
The Giant cat looked at me with its huge eyes and its thoughts came into my head, saying "Welcome to the Land of the Giant cats, we need a Human-being to be our servant and to fetch us food and drink and to play with us as there are no more mice left in our land".

Hence the Saying = Are you a Man or a Mouse?


My Posts.

Starting with a Large Cat - The Cheetah

The Jaguar.
Well - on a cars Bonnet.

A Lion - well - A Lions head for  a waterfall.
A Painting by Julie - called The Roar of Water.

 Two signs I photographed - about Cats.

A Ginger Tom-Cat.

Nose to nose - 
The Night Prowler.    --- A  Purr-fect Photo  shoot.

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Lew said...

The cats do have a way of running our lives, don't they! Delightful part an I assume a few pints were raised in your honor!

James said...

Great post! I wake up to meowing all of the time, thankfully it's not from a giant cat. :-)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Your dreams are really getting weird Mac. Loved the video and saw some of our former Headbangers at the party.

George said...

I'm glad you escaped back to us from the land of the giant cats. I liked all of your cats, but I'll confess that I wouldn't mind seeing a jaguar on the 'bonnet' of my car.

Christopher Frost said...

You could have put a photo on of Elaine Paige when she was a cat. A good Memory.

Our two cats Marmalade and Oscar could have posed for you. Still I like your nightmare

Linda said...

I absolutely love this cat series, Stewart! Brilliant photos.

DeniseinVA said...

Great tale and equally fabulous series of kitties Stewart.I thoroughly enjoyed your video too.

Betsy Adams said...

Great 'cat' photos, Stewart... That is one HUGE kitty!!!!!! ha

Love the night kitty the best.. Great photo.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cat shots - very varied. Hope you enjoyed your time away...

Starnitesky said...

So many different cats! Loved the video!

Rick said...

Happy birthday, Stewart ! Nice video with great entertainment.

About that big cat you saw in the morning - a pint too many the evening before will have that effect.


Nice kitties all.

Sandy Carlson said...

These are fabulous. The jaguar hood ornament is wonderful. So fluid.

Not back with the head-bangers yet. I seem to be perpetually behind with things these days....

RuneE said...

Obviously a party to remember ;-)
The Jag won with me!