Wednesday, 30 January 2013


CONTRAST is Kathys choice this week on our Headbangers Contest.

My music by contrast is Steve Carlisle, He used to play the drums in Mike Penders SEARCHERS.
Steve also plays the guitar and sings real great.
Listen to him play on my short film and enjoy.

For those folk that are coming to my 65th Birthday Party will have the pleasure of hearing Steve entertaining, as he is one of the Artists there.

My Header.

Black n White

A B/W snow scene just up the road from where we live.

What better than B/W for contrast - with the sun shining on the snow in places and the snow in shadow too with footprints and cycle tracks

My Contrast photo posts

Another Contrasting B/W photo
This is Laura and Nik
Laura is Julies stepdaughter who not long ago  married  Nik
The Photographer was Julies Nephew Jonathan Clover of Clover Images.
After Jonathan had taken this shot, I was standing quite far away on the side and with my 200mm lens took this shot taking advantage of Jonathans lights, which gave a great contrast in B/W also the light and shadows too.

Now for some Colour Contrast.

A red rosebud in ice with contrasting B/W background. 

Here we have - believe it or not, a photo of car lights with a twirl feature on PSE10.

The classic Contrast photo - A red poppy in a field of green.

This is surly a classic too, Pure gold at the end of a Rainbow.
With all the colours contrasting together.

Hope you have enjoyed my idea of Kathys  Contrast.

Pop over and see what the other Headbangers have posted for their ideas of kathys  Contrast.

These folk are on my side bar - just near my shield.



Betty Manousos said...

all of these are really great!

your header is truly gorgeous, too.
love the snow.

Cezar and Léia said...

Your header is magnificent and I also love the lovely couple picture!
B&W is beautiful!

Carletta said...

First of all I loved the drums!
The snow for me is heavenly, your capture of the bride and groom is absolutely lovely and I dare say this view would be one they would adore! I love that they are unaware you're taking it.
Your car lights shot is a wonderful abstract shot.
Heck - I like all your shots today!!
When's that party and where's my invite? LOL!

George said...

All of these photos are marvelous. The black and white for the snow (and the couple) is truly wonderful. I also like your rosebud covered with ice.

Craver Vii said...

Imac, you never fail to bring the "wow factor" to your photography. This header's contrasts are beautifully bold. I like the idea of going B&W for that image... it's all the more striking that way.

I watched Steve Carlisle's video twice so far. There was a time when I considered taking up the drums, but I can't walk and chew gum at the same time, so it's best that I don't try to go down that road.

My Pal, I wish I could join you for your birthday bash. I'd raise my glass to you, steal Julie for a dance, and spread all sorts of terrible rumors among your guests. Ha! Well, I will celebrate anyway, albeit in absentia. Good health to you, and here's a birthday blessing for you: May the Lord draw you into a close friendship with Himself and show you every kindness.

RuneE said...

You ought to find Gold with these ones!

ju-north said...

Great selection!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: I certainly enjoyed your look at contrast. I didn't know that your header was B&W or color. The snow certainly gives you a great B&W photo.

katney said...

Love all the color contrasts, with the black and white snow scene. My question, was it shot in black and white, or was it naturally black and white? My guess is it would not have made much difference in the comparison.

Lew said...

A Robert Frost moment you have captured in your header! Perfect contrast between the snow and fence. Also like your rosebud and the twirl of color; and a fantastic rainbow finish!

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! Love that header!

ladyfi said...

What beautiful shots! A glorious rainbow and gorgeous black and white photos!

Gattina said...

Love the header ! such a beautiful landscape ! All the other pictures are gorgeous too, the one with the young couple looks so romantic !
Happy birthday ! That's a round one !

Rick said...

Superb shots, Stewart - tough to decide which one I like best. That swirl is really cool though.

Linda Higgins said...

UMMM the rainbow and the black and white pic of the young lady and man are my favorite!

Filip and Kristel said...

Great pictures, the snow is really thick.