Thursday, 12 April 2012

Header Challenge NEEDS YOU.

(No you haven't lost your job)

Do you enjoy Photography?
Do you enjoy a challenge?
Do you have a small amount of time to spare each week?
Do you want to join a team of friendly folk - doing all this?
Then we need YOU.

The Headbangers are looking for two more folk to join their group to make the numbers up to six.
A weekly friendly competition of changing your Headers of a theme chosen weekly
No Prizes - but lots of fun and banter - and displaying a shield each week due to voting on which you think is best.

Still interested? Then contact me at  -   or any other Headbanger from my side bar by email. or leave a message on our Blogs.

You won't be sorry.


Gailsman said...

Well Lord Kitchener, let's hope it works

soulbrush said...

If I weren't still working I would join this. Lucky you- enjoy enjoy, it's all such fun to see when I visit here.

katney said...

It takes a bit of thought and a browse through your photo files at minimum, or more if you have time. And it's fun. I am glad I joined up a few months ago and sorry to see those leave who have had to stop for various reasons. We are a pretty laid back group, so do come try us out.

Rick said...

Stewart - good luck with the recruiting. It looks like a lot of fun - thanks for the invite. However, I have my fingers in a number of pies and I'm running out of fingers ... :(