Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lanzarote - with Artist Manrique in mind.

Jameos del Aqua.
The most Interesting connecting caves and underground Grottoes in the World which lies at the foot of the volcano Monte de la Corona.

The Jamous del Aqua was artistically developed for viewing by Cesar Manrique in 1968.
See if you can spot the small blind white crabs, a species unique to these caves.

 Ring the bell as you enter!

 Here we go down down down

 Just take a look here - isnt it beautiful --
 The water is very deep too
 What fantastic coloures here in the water  -- see the small white crab??  bottom of pic - roughly a third from the right hand side?? see??  Can you spot any more???

 Now we go out the other side - up up up
Dont lag behind come on,lol
 Just look at this swimming pool - fancy a dip??  -- The only person allowed to swim here is King Carlos - so be warned lol.

 Pretty flowers all around too
Cup of tea-coffee and cake in the cafe??
Time to leave this wonderful scene - I'm afraid.

To be Continued --


Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

oh my word, your photos are incredibly beautiful!!

thanks for this lovely pictorial tour!
absolutely lovely!

Jackie said...

The entrance is beautiful...and as you travel down to the underground grottoes, the view becomes even more beautiful. You and Julie have seen some magnificent sights on your travels, and I'm thankful that you are sharing them with us. I would love to go there. The color of the water is almost indescribably blue. I did see the crab...and have never seen white ones like that. The pool and the surroundings...sigh. I can't say 'beautiful' enough times.
Hugs and love,

Filip Demuinck said...

I remember our trip to this place. The caves were interesting but the blue water at the end was the best.


Gailsman said...

What a super little trip, full of twists and turns. And I didn't have to get my feet wet

Dar said...

Always a pleasure traveling with you...and thank you. Another month and it will be the anniv. of my sis' resting with the swans. You are a treasure. Now, on our walk up from the grottoes, is that a Pointsettia and a Hybiscus? Gorgeous blooms.

Starnitesky said...

What a beautiful place, glad you went so I can see these wonderful photos.

George said...

The cave is amazing, and the water is crystal clear. I think I spotted a couple more of the white crabs. The entire setting is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for taking us along with you.

yesbuts said...

Ring the door as you enter.

I've been knocking on the door for ages!

Glad I'm allowed in at last.

Wonderful set of photographs.

lynnwiles said...

Wow, what a beautiful warm place. Of course, I like the water shots the best.