Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Header Challenge 25-01-12 =Surprise by Kathy

This weeks Header choice should have been our Dave, but due to not making it this week Kathy has swopped with Dave - so - This weeks choice is "Surprise" by Kathy.

Now what to show for this weeks theme of SURPRISE ??

Have to get the ol brain cells into action this week --- and I thnk I have found something 
bit of a surprise for you all  too.  =  The Dancing Tree??  OR - 
(maybe the poor ol tree just has been cut short and cant wait -(to nip behind a tree poor thing,) lol.
See The Dancing Tree song on my music slot too.
As for my Post Pics
I have for your delicious Delight
 This wonderful homemade cream and jam sponge Cake made by Dave = my Brother-in-law.
Needless to say - it didnt last very long too - (look forward to our next one -Eh Dave? ) Any time you like MATE,lol.

 This Kiddie got a surprise when they were eating a sarni when all of a sudden this Butterfly came and settled - wanting a piece too.

 This young Lady revelled in her surprise - when this mighty wave splashed all over her at St Ives Cornwall.

Still at St Ives this Dog - well half buried dog - gsve me a surprise to see it digging for all its worth.

Well - I do hope you all enjoyed my take on this weeks theme of

Now pop over and see the other Headbangers and see what their take on Surprise is.

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George said...

The child definitely looked taken aback by the butterfly. That's' a wonderful picture. And I'm surprised the cake lasted long enough for you to get a picture. The dancing tree is really something (both versions).

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: I sure enjoyed all your surprises. I loved the butterfly photo the best.

katney said...

I too like the butterfly. The dancing tree is neat, but I would have invited you to submit it for an Odd Shot on Monday.

Jen ( said...

Awesome butterfly and awesome sponge cake. I am now quite hungry. :)

Gailsman said...

Dancing legs, whatever next!

The butterfly is certainly the best shot of the series. I wonder what flavour the little lad's sandwich was?

Craver Vii said...

I had to laugh a little because of the child's response to the butterfly. Most of us would be delighted to have a butterfly land on us.

That cake sure looks delicious!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great photos showing surprise... I loved the child/butterfly the best... GREAT and what a surprise.

Jackie said...

I like the woman in photo at St. Ives Cornwall! I can feel her excitement.

ju-north said...

That cake takes some beating! lol

LadyFi said...

Fabulous shots! Mmmm.. to that cake and yes, love that dancing tree with the stripey legs.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

that adorable photo of the child ceratinly caught my eye. that's a wonderful moment you managed to capture with your lens.

thanks so much for this lovely series of photos!

Rick said...

Masterfully done, Stewart - my fave was the cake (can a piece be emailed to me ?).

Loved your series on Jamous del Aqua ! Gorgeous shots.