Monday, 30 January 2012

The Artist Manriques house in Lanzarote

When Manrique returned from USA - he wanted to show the people of Lanzarote what a beautiful island Lanzarote was with its Lava and its Lava tunnels.
He built his house on and in the Lava tunnels. His house now belongs the Manrique Foundation  and open to the public - come with me on a tour around this wonderful house built on and under the Lava -------this way please

 Its going to be bigger than you think --

 Looking out and down on the pool --
 Could'nt resist taking this shot,lol
 Another shot of his pool

Just look at the Lava coming through one of his windows (no glass in the windows)

 Now we go down the steps and into the Lava tunnels - this way --if you please --

 This is one of the many rooms down here
 See the neat way the trees are planted and growing through the holes in the Lava

 More of his Art work
 Heres another room
I just love hoe he painted the walls of the Lava to brighten up the rooms and passage ways

 Round the bend and ---
 And - here we have Manriques Pool - as you can see this is one of the holes in the Lava

Here we go on again
Here we go  -- up --  and out of the Lava tunnels and into Manriques garden.

 Here we are - out on top again and the garden and looking across to the mountains and village.

 Manriques Art on the walls and his plants

Well - I do hope that you all have enjoyed your trip around the house and also the other places we have visited on Lanzarote -- we now sail to our last port of call  Vigo before we head for home.
Vigo to follow a little later ----


Gattina said...

The upper part of the house looks rather naked and cold, in the lava it becomes better. But still I wouldn't like to live in there, famous artist or not ! Obviously a female touch is missing, lol !

LadyFi said...

Wow - what an amazing house - it's so lovely! I'd love to live there - even comes complete with pool.

photowannabe said...

Absolutely fascinating.
I agree its a bit stark and cold feeling as Gattina said but very artistic in its own way.
I like how the house is incorporated into and around the lava.
Great shots.

ancient one said...

Thanks for letting us go on tour with you. I loved it!!

Filip Demuinck said...

I liked this visit, the narrow cave like corridor, the swimming pool and the painted wall. It is just like I am back in this place.


George said...

This house is absolutely fantastic. The upper part looks very modern, but I think I prefer the part of the house in the lava tunnels. Thanks for being such a wonderful tour guide.

Gailsman said...

Whoa, I'm tired now after that long trip and need a sit down and a beer. So much to see, I may need to do it again, as I may have missed something

Rick said...

Wow Stewart - I need a rest after that grand tour of Manriques' house ! Quite an amazing place. About the only thing I didn't see was a lava lamp ;-)

Loved your trip Back in Time (although I don't remember vehicles quite THAT old !).

RuneE said...

Absolutely NOT you everyday detached house :-)

Well reported!

Denise said...

That's an incredible place. I am trying to think how it must have been to live in such a home. Such creativity in every part of it and your photos capture it just beautifully.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

really awesome house and photos!

Lew said...

Manrique certainly made this house one with nature! Thanks for the tour.