Monday, 31 October 2011

Discarded on Beach

Discarded - Worn-out old football, left all alone on a Pebble Beach - waiting for the tide to come in -and take him out to sea - RIP Mr Ball.

Yesterday, Mr Ball was lost at sea, his claim to fame -in his younger years he was the ball that scored the last goal in 1966 for England to win the World Cup, playing against Germany.


Gailsman said...

I bet there are a few washed up footballers who still fancy a game with it!

George said...

This is a neat picture. The color of some of the pebbles matches the colors on the ball.

Lanny said...


Teacher's Pet said...

Pebble Beach is beautiful.
RIP to the ball (we call it a soccer call it football.)

Gattina said...

God rest his soul !

I first thought it was a stone in football shape, lol !

katney said...

Is that revisionist history?