Monday, 31 October 2011

Snape Maltings Suffolk

 While in Aldebough Suffolk we visited Snape Maltings on the River Alde - where they have concerts.

 Here is a collection of my photos from there
 Such a beautiful place to visit
 Who lives in this house - I wonder?  -
 A great pastime on a Sunday --
 Sun shining on the fields of Grasses and Reeds
 The Great Hall - there are also a Gallery - Cafe - shops- ect to walk around and enloy ---Holiday apartments too.
 Or - if you wish - a walk along the river Alde

 Tall trees
 Colourful Trees
 Artistic trees
 And of course - many reflections abound.
Visit Snape Maltings and see


ladyfi said...

What summery and wonderful shots! And I like the autumn colours in your header too.

Teacher's Pet said...

I enjoy looking at the light and shadows in your photos, Stewart.
The video you posted was beautiful, too.
You always have such interesting shots to view. I love traveling here....

ju-north said...

Love your reflectiona and artistic tree!

George said...

What a beautiful place to visit. That vine-covered house is very impressive.

Filip Demuinck said...

Nature can be very relaxing.


Gailsman said...

Another good selection of photos. Alas no beer?

ancient one said...

Okay, those boats on the water pics were going to be my favorites until I saw all the birds in flight .. then I changed my mind.. Lots of beautiful photos for us today and I enjoyed every one of them!!

Dave said...

Nice set of shots, I especially like the flying birds, you've even caught on camera the amazing 4 winged gull.

Craver Vii said...

I like the self-portrait reflections. Okay, I'm going back to peruse the rest of your photos...

lynnwiles said...

Nice series of shots, Mac. That artistic tree is indeed a work of art.