Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Header Challenge 24-08-11 = Landfill - by imac

was my choice this week for our Header Challenge.
Well - I guess that caused a "Phew" comment lol.
Anyways - I know that all you Headbangers will rise to the challenge and post some fantastic headers and posts.

The next 2 weeks we wont have Dave entering.
My music - can be no other than Lonnie Donegan and "My ol' mans a Dustman - from way back blurp--

Let me introduce you to

My Header and the first 2 posts are of the WEEE Man from the Eden Project - Cornwall

He's made of Landfill goods and showing folk whats Landfill and not to tip rubbish all over the Planet Earth.
We are now learning to Recycle goods and if you cant recycle take your Rubbish to the council Tip or Hire a skip.
Dont forget to read all about our Weee Man

You will read just what went in to make Weee Man.

Dont just throw or dump your Rubbish


But - Recycle, take unwanted clothing to the 2nd hand shop



Hire a skip or call companies who will collect for you.

PLEASE KEEP OUR PLANET SAFE - Teach our children to recycle
and keep our Planet Earth GREEN.

Now go visit the other Headbangers and see what they have come up with for LANDFILL.
You will find these good folk on my side bare  - just under My  Scenes from Grantham


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Love your choice, a landfill created man. This was a tough challenge.

George said...

Your choice for the challenge gave you the opportunity to spread an important message. I'm sure WEEE Man is a very effective spokesman for recycling, but I don't think he'll win any beauty contests.

Teacher's Pet said...

Message delivered. Let's all recycle. Thanks, Stewart.

Gailsman said...

Some art is rubbish, some rubbish is art. A good use for waste materials. I bet you're a bit of a Womble on the quiet!

SandyCarlson said...

These are some characters! What a collection. The header makes me think of the muffler people at the gas stations in my little town in Connecticut. They are happy collections of spare parts smiling out at the traffic. Thanks for today's smile!

Gattina said...

My first thought was that he badly needs a dentist.