Monday, 3 January 2011

Phun Prize Post 5

Here is your key for the Green Door my intrepid 5. Open the door and enter into The Land Beyond ---

What a sight to be held, a waterfall, A land of lush green growth - one wonders what will befall the team, who are searching for the fair Lady?

Treking through the green Lush Land, we come across a small hut, which will be ideal to spend the night in, some shelter for the night.

Once inside ----- we meet a stone face monster, who welcomes all in and says - enjoy your nights sleep, fore tomorrow one of you will not leave here -- you will be safe, but you will stay with me until the lucky person returns with your Lady after the rescue.

----------- Look at the following letters - and see how many of these letters appear in the name of the road-avenue-cresent-ect ect that you live in, count them up and email your answer to me, then comment here saying that this has been done.
I will tell you which one of you will be staying behind......... - Z.Q.U.A.D.S.T.E.W.M.V. - 12 in all. Good Luck fellow rescuers.
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RuneE said...
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RuneE said...

Rune The Viking lives in a short road with a strange name - so strange that the fears that the stone faced monster will not let him pass - but I'll not give in without a fight!

ju-north said...

Bet Julie gave you that piece of rust!

Lew said...

My letters have been counted. I susgest that RuneE translate his road name to English, then count.

Craver Vii said...

Is RuneE's address spelled in Runic?

Gee, a waterfall, amusing company and comfy hut. It won't be too bad for the one who stays behind... provided that the rest of the team DOES eventually come back! Nice doggy... er, lion.

imac said...

Ahha, 3 of the intrepid have posted, now awaiting for Sir Bluelights and the Brain-less Teacher to post.

Eddie Bluelights said...

What is that rusty key I see before me?
It is a wonder it will open the door.
What a fine place is revealled with beautiful waterfalls and a small hut to shelter.

What a stony facesd person but he does not seem to want to kill us.

I have my letters.
Have no fear
Brainless Teacher is in the rear . . . and will soon appear! . . . . I think LOL

George said...

I like the waterfall which greeted the adventurers into The Land Beyond.

Jinksy said...

My fingers have counted for me...

Teacher's Pet said...

Beautiful photos....and I love the three-legged table in front of the hut. I enjoy enlarging your photos, Stewart. Always excellent shots.
I see that I lag behind the across the ocean, it is still Monday afternoon here...but I am trying to keep up!!!

imac said...

The results are in---------and will be shown in the next post.

Staffan H said...

You do know the noble art of taking your readers by storm! I think your photo of the waterfall is a beautiful capture and the header photo with the jumping horse is... is... is... something that made me speachless (and believe me when I say it takes a lot to shut me up).

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---what a gorgeous waterfall. That really caught my eye. Wonder why????? ha ha

Rick said...

Stunning header Stewart !

Was unable to get in on your game (and headbangers) - I have a (paid) photo job this week and am starting travel again next.

Will still be following, however.

Gattina said...

At the first glance the key looked like a dog's bone to me !
The pictures are beautiful and I would spend a night in this hut, but the game seems complicated to me.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

The #1 and #2 photos are outstanding!
The waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful!