Sunday, 2 January 2011

Phun Prize Post 4

Will will await within the twisted tree forest for another member to join us Lew the Potionmaker.

We travel on further into the forest - untill we come across a stone building - with a Green door, ahh, its locked we need a key.

To find this key solve this puzzle.

Many Moons ago, there was a man who Roasted on a Sunday - within his Blog
1) Who was this famous man
2) What Country across the oceans did he cometh from
3) What number in line did imac The Bold have his Roast.

some answers are within my blog -which will help to find the others.

As always send your answers to me by email then comment here that you want the key

Good luck, Hunters of the Divine Lady.
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RuneE said...

To Imac the Bold:
I have found a magic key - and I hope it works its spell.
Rune The Viking

imac said...

Rune the Viking has fed the Dragonfly and will get the key.

Now awaiting onLaser Craverv11,
Clueless Teacher,
Sir Eddie Bluelights, and Potionmaker Lew.

Lanny said...

I am in love with that door. The colors are wonderful and the paint has peeled ever so nicely. The telephone wire through the door frame is perfect. Reminds me of home.

(sorry, hope that the comment doesn't break the mood of the game)

Craver Vii said...

I do believe I found this key. At any moment then, I expect the green door to undergo a magical transformation, having once been a door, all-of-the-sudden becoming "a jar." ;-)

imac said...

Craver the Laser and Potionmaker Lew have also found the key,
Waiting for Brain-(less) Teacher??

Eddie Bluelights said...

Great photos Sir Imac, as ever

The twisted forest threw Sir Bluelights for a moment - he thought the trunks were elephants legs LOL You might see what he meant so perhaps he does not require the services of SpecSavers.

The door looks like many I have painted in my past.

I have sent your answers and I hope you agree
They are worthy of you sending me the key.

Until then I bang on the door and say, "Knock Knock!"
I hear a "Who's there?"
I say, "Boo!"
I hear, "Boo Who?"
I say, "No need to cry it's only a joke!"

imac said...

Sir Bluelights will now get the key,,, but where is the Clue-less Teacher???

Teacher's Pet said...

Da key!! Da key!! I had to look and look for the number of your Roast, Stewart....sigh. I should have looked on your blog first. No...I go out into the forest...amongst the twisted trees...into Blogland....but I think I found the Magic Number.
The photo of the tree is very nice....and I have some sandpaper for that door....but it would spoil its beautiful appearance.
Nicely always, your photos speak volumes.

imac said...

Ok ok, the clue-less teacher is now with us, so later to day will be the next step-ping thru the door.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Open the door!! LOL