Monday, 25 October 2010

Coastal Path to its end

After a short breather we set off for Sennen Cove. Winding in and out of brecken and sights of the sea.

Another look at the bay and its a hard part coming up - are you up to it folks?

Up Up and away - one last push and we are there - at the top - that is. DW leading us to the glory 0f ---

The view of Sennen Cove - just a stroll down the path - and we have about 2 hrs for the bus back to St Ives -- I know - a cup of Rosie Lee and a nice slice of double choc chip cake --- then a stroll around Sennen Cove to see its sites.
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Linda Higgins said...

Wow you live in such a beautiful country! The view is breath taking to say the least! I can't even imagine being at the top of the hill and smelling the fresh air and NO pollution and a zillion cars and people! It is so beautiful!

Gailsman said...

You'll need another good walk to wear off that cake. I know you had two pieces!
Hopefully you'll show us the little streets of the town tomorrow with colourwashed houses and quaint shops.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your vacations Mac - wish I were there. Love your header.

Rick said...

Ok mac - I've had to hurry to catch up to you after a few days being away. Now you've got me breathless following you all over the place and seeing these marvelous shots ! Beautiful country !

cough, cough, splutter, splutter - best send me a piece of that chocolate cake; no, better make it 2 pieces !

Oh, and lovely header !

RuneE said...

This sounds like the perfect outing. No wonder you filled the memory card. Excellent!