Sunday, 1 August 2010

Holy Island Castle --

Here we are in the Kitchen, who remembers a stove like this??

Here's where you can do the washing up, who wants to dry??

Ok, duck now, well I did warn you, guess you got a pain in the head now then,lol.

To be continued ----
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Jan said...

Actually the house I was born in did have a fireplace similar to that ,just one oven ,and my Mother would cook on it ,no water indoors had to be fetched from pump outside ,Hmm thinks Ive seen alot of change ,in my life ,thanks for this glimpse,and cant wait for the next episode Jan xx

Betsy from Tennessee said...

My great aunts had an old stove like that in their home. I remember visiting them... That old house only had wood burning stove for heat... None of the bedrooms were heated ---so in winter, they had to use TONS of blankets on their beds.

Love seeing the old kitchen in the castle.... I'll be careful not to bump my head... Show me more!

SandyCarlson said...

What a neat place. I will happily dry!

Rick said...

A blast from the past! I vaguely remember an old stove like that and the tongs used to remove the hot plates so more wood could be put in the top. And I also recall when dishwashers only had 2 legs! Great shots mac. ... on with the tour.

Lew said...

Not many baskeball players lived in the castle! Great shots of your trip! (The bridge in my post predates the birth of the famously funny Benny Hill by 35 years.)

soulbrush said...

we saw kitchens like these at hampton court last summer. and that header is fantabulous again. how ya enjoying summer friend?

Dar said...

The wood stove is a beauty. My aunt still cooks on one and she is in her late 80's. The bread that comes out of a wood stove oven cannot be beat.
I will dry. I used to love to dry the dishes for Mom but not wash them. Her sink was too low as it was built when we 9 kids were shorter. It was our job to set and clear the table, do the dishes and clean up the kitchen after each meal. Thanks for the memories.

Gattina said...

The kitchen looks so cosy that I would prefer to supervise the work !
This door would be something for my 2 m long son, he always has to pay attention to his head, lol !

Anonymous said...

The joys of modern living. Mom ironed clothes using a slab of iron with a handle on it that she had to hold onto with a pot holder to keep from blistering her hands. And she heated it on the kitchen cook stove. That was modern housekeeping. Oh, the wash done on a scrubbing wash board with lye soap she made.

This house looks like it belonged to a member of your Parliament and who used it as a typical tourist trap and writes it off to avoid paying taxes.

America, God Bless America. I guess we got to save the world next. lol

George said...

If the weather on Holy Island was as hot as it is here, the kitchen would be intolerable. I'm ready to see another part of the castle.