Thursday, 17 September 2009

Heckington Show (1)

All the fun of the Fair.
Steam Power and Rides .

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Tom said...

It looksa 'Heck' of a good show dose Heckington.. ;O) The big boys trains look neat...

lynnwiles said...

A pow wow in the UK? Why? Totem poles are from the Pacific NW through Alaska. I am confused.

lynnwiles said...

The third one makes me feel like I'm about to fall, but it's a great shot. Did you ride / drive the wee trains?

Marka said...

Big boys have their toys too, and they must play on occasion!

James said...

Great fair pictures! Your header picture is amazing.

Linda Higgins said...

Fairs are so GRAND! This weekend our town is having a Rodeo. My nieces daughter is barrell racing in it. She is 14 and I am very excited to go and watch.. I love horses. It is a good thing I don't have a race track near by or I would spend all my time and money at the track probably! I love a FAIR though!

Kitty said...

That second contraption - what on earth does it do?? It looks as though it's producing neat alcohol, lol!

Cezar and Léia said...

Boy's toys! They are always so happy with it!
Perfect pictures! :)

jinksy said...

Your photos reminded me of my poem:-

Dragon Ride

Fun Fairs are fantastically full of surprises,
with Ghost Trains and Dodgems,
Stalls to win prizes
if you can hit targets that go whizzing by.
'Roll up!', the man says, 'Come, give us a try'.

Ferris Wheel on its journey of slow revolution
locks riders in harnesses,
limits the motion
of bucket seats, swinging and straining to fly,
'til folk fervently wish they were not up so high!

Carousel Horses stride out, three abreast,
flaring red nostrils;
no time for a rest
as they prance to the Steam Organ's bellowing cry
which spurs them to silently neigh in reply.

' Whoosh!' goes a Switchback. It can't be ignored
by neck-craning viewers
who loudly applaud
its serpentine carriages, saucy and spry -
a Silhouette Dragon, alive, in the sky.

RuneE said...

My vote goes to the train!!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: We just went to the fair a few weeks back.

George said...

Great photos of the fair. The pictures remind me of the county fair I always attended when I was growing up.