Thursday, 3 September 2009

Benches of the Week.

I found myself - all alone, in a dark damp forest, how did I become to be here?
heaven knows, but I was here, so how do I find my way home.
I started to walk - which direction do I go N. S. E. W., does it matter, I thought.
So off I started, not knowing where I was, so didnt know which way I was treading, forest to thick to see any stars too.
About 2hrs later(maybe 30 minutes, it seemed longer) I came across a little opening, which seemed to have a light area, but could not find where the light came from.
In the middle of the clearing were - what looked like 2 benches made of wood and stone, they looked many many years old and well used.
I sat down and felt tired and seemed to close my eyes, I just could not keep my eyes open as I drifted off to sleep.

Top be continued.----

Bench of the week is Rune Eide's meme Click and
please visit to see his wonderful photos.


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Denise said...

Uh-oh, can't wait to see how this tale transpires :)

Sunny said...

Love the benches and oh! the suspense!
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

Has a C.S. Lewis feel to it.
I like it....

Lew said...

Those are well used, old benches! As to your lost story, there was an article Wednesday in the Washington Post about transient global amnesia. I'll wait for the rest of your story to see if it applies.

Anonymous said...

When you set off with a camera in your hand, it's hard to tell just where you'll end up...

RuneE said...

I like that kind of bench - plain use of natural sources. Nice to come by when you have amnesia and don't know where you are :-)

What next? I hope to find out!

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh Imac, just beautiful!
Look, it could be a place for some leprechauns to have a meeting! Shakespeare' scenery! :)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Neat old benches of stone, imac. I also read the next installment of your dream and hope you find another bench soon because walking over sand dunes is indeed tiring!

Tom said...

Great shots of a great bench.... and of course a great bench.


George said...

Very neat benches. I look forward to the continuation of your story.