Monday, 30 April 2012

Morecambe Bay 1

 While at Lakeland - my cheeky little blogging friend Christopher (Gailsman) and his DW Gail visited us for the weekend - Saturday was sunny - so were were off to Morecambe Bay for the day.

 Here's Cheeky Christopher photographing the (Art Deco) Midland Hotel. Visit Christophers Blog here to learn more.
 While Christopher and I were busy reading and photographing our DWs were having a good laugh about something?.
 We had a morning coffee here at THE MIDLAND HOTEL - while we took a few shots of this wonderful Hotel

More on Morecambe to follow----


Betty Manousos said...

what a fabulous hotel!

looks like a wonderful time had by all.

love the shots. you did take them at nice angles.

ju-north said...

Looks a fabulous place to visit!

ladyfi said...

Wonderful mural on the ceiling.

Gailsman said...

Oh you naughty man, pretending to be a paparazzi or something and taking photos of us like that!

It was a good day, full of sunshine and the Midland is a great hotel. No sure if we could afford to stay there though.

joey said...

You have a good/beautiful life and I so love visiting!

George said...

The staircase in the hotel is absolutely gorgeous.

Jackie said...

I haven't told you (yet)...but I love LOVE love your header, Stewart.
It looks like you, your wife, and your friends had a marrrrrvelous time.
I always enjoy your photos, my friend.

Rick said...

Great hotel shots, Stewart ! And a blazingly lovely header !!