Thursday, 27 August 2009

Serpentine Gallery (3)

Life on the edge, - its DW on the edge of the Gallery.

Reflections - reflections - reflections.

Let the sky - shine through.

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Granny on the Web said...

What a weird and wonderful effect. It must feel really strange amongst it.

Love Granny

RuneE said...

One might get dizzy from less - well done!

yesbuts said...

Mind blowing images -segami gniwolb dinM :)

yesbuts said...

Mind blowing images -segami gniwolb dinM :)

Mandy said...

life mirrored
the sky at my feet
earth above

love from mandy

Sunny said...

How different! I think I feel a bit dizzy! ha-ha!
Sunny :)

yesbuts said...

Hi Mac
Looking at your Blog reminded me I hadn't been to see this year's pavilion, so this afternoon I went for a walk.
My reaction - disappointment. Your photographs make it look far more impressive than it actually is. It does not match the design and creativity of previous years.
I took some shots but haven't downloaded them yet.
Did you go into the Serpentine Gallery to see the Jeff Koon's exhibition? What was your reaction?
Whether you like Koon's work, you must admire the craftsmanship required to produce the sculptures - its difficult to believe that they are made out of aluminium and are not plastic inflatable toys.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Nice series of captures through the mirrored structure.

Ackworth born said...

Don't think I've ever seen anything so strange.

Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a nice set of photos. Sorta reminds me of a glass house or a house of mirrors at the county fairs.

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George said...

This gallery is absolutely amazing, as our your photos. This must really be something to experience in person.

Denise said...

Another magical effect, must have been very interesting standing underneath like your dw was.

Marka said...

It certainly looks live you've enjoyed yourself in the Serpentine Walk. I probably would have spent my time taking pictures of the reflections off the ceiling.