Saturday, 12 July 2008

Freda and Maud.

My 1st SSS ( Sunday Snap & Story) post. This is a rambling gosiping story of 2 cows called Freda. and Maud.

Hello, my names Freda and I love living in the Austrian Mountains, the air is so clean and refreshing, no smells, its pure air we breath here. My friend Maud sitting up further on our mountain reckons that the air is fresher more up where she sits than down here where I am, I tells her it utter rubbish. I love just to graze and chew the cud and sit and watch all these hikers,bikers,and walkers huffing and puffing to keep fit trailing around carrying all their camera equipment, wiping their foreheads with their hankies after blowing their noses - aint people just smelly and disgusting with their bad habits.

Hi, my names Maud, thats my friend Freda sitting down the mountain, Guess she's bin telling yer all about these humans with all their bad habits as she - i bet she as. The real reason I sits up here because Alfred the Bull lives further up the mountain an when he's let loose he comes to me first. I'm prone to a bit of bully and being 1st its better, thats what I reckon anyhow.
Freda'a a bit of a prude when it comes to a bit of bully, and i cant even spell the word that she uses for it.

Hello Maud, what you been telling all these Human Folk about then, I saw you chatting a while.
Hi Freda, nowt much, cant tell cause I cant spell it anyhow.
Hey Maud, whats all these large plastic pipes then doing here? Saw a lorry drop them off 1st thing this morning
Well - Freda, its like this you see, yer know how the farmer always critasizing how well we give milk and its never enuf, well I heard him tell some human on his mobell that he wants to increase his or rather our milk flow.
So he went an ordered larger pipes to fit around our udders - so's he'll get more flow and more milk from us.

Oh my goodness Maud, I cant be doing with anything big, an talking about big, here comes that nasty smelly Alfred the Bull again ---I'm off, see you later Maud.-----

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fishing guy said...

Mac: Now that was a super funny story, nice to meet your two female friends.

Gary said...

Oh, Freda and Maud, you silly cows!!

Thanks for the laugh!!


lv2scpbk said...

Love the first photo. Wonderful view.

Gattina said...

Fortunately when I have a steak on my plate I don't think that it is coming from these cute beasts ! I am eating less and less meat because it doesn't taste good anymore. Your story is real cute !

Willard said...

Wonderful photos and I like the humor of the story. A lot of excellent photos since my last visit!

The Road Less Photographed said...

Ha ha! Good post.

Jeanne said...

I just love that first photo. Freda, relaxing and enjoying the spectacular view behind her. And OMG is that really a bell around her neck? I don't think I've ever really seen a cow in person or photo that actually has one.

DeeMom said...

Udderly Charming

Ex-Shammickite said...

Nice story, now lets hear the opinions of Alfred the Bull!

Gail's Man said...

Pull the udder one, it's got bells on!

Amusing story for a late sunday afternoon.

zakscloset said...

very very cute!!

coolgirlsar said...

OH this did make me laugh, I even had little voices for them in my head. Great photos which really add to the story.

Also just been having a nosey on your blog and it's really cool. Look forward to reading more of it.