Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Austria Post 4.

Lake Pillersee Austria.
How lucky I was to capture A Mermaid after changing into a person and waiting for her new found male person in photo 2.

But alas the male person had changed into a male Duck to be with his mermaid.

Just goes to show, when in love dont dilly dally or you loose out.(wink wink)

Does'nt it just drive you QUACKERS!!

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zakscloset said...

hahaha, brilliant photos!

YesBut said...

You slipped up.
Those photographs weren't taken in Austria.
How do I know?
I recognised the duck, it was in St James's Park yesterday.


Paulie said...

I came by to find your Bridges between post and left a comment there too but I couldn't help but notice and read your posts on Austria also. How blessed you are to get to travel. My ancestors were from Germany, Austria nd Hungary. I would love to visit in person but now I get to see a small tour through your eyes and I thank you for that!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous quacker's, mermaid & capture's Imac! :D
What a beautiful lake!
I love your description of the photo~ :)


Old Wom Tigley said...

Ha! excellent..