Sunday, 16 March 2008

One of my Poems

PARALLELS OF TIME (c) Stewart Mackinder.
Who can explain the past,present the future as well,
Are they lines that run along side by side parallel,
Could it be the atmospheric weather,
Which brings them to entwine together,
To create some strange phenomenon to appear,
Causing the spine to chill with fear,
Some folk would freeze on the spot and look aghast,
When confronted with an apparition from the past,
Or, Is it all in the mind that holds the key,
Should we unlock the minds door for everyone to see.???

Not everyones cup of tea (so to speak) but hope you enjoy and maybe set your mind a thinking.


Kerri said...

WOW Imac! A Fabulous Poem!!!

zakscloset said...

nice poem!! it made me thinking.

lv2scpbk said...

Nice poem.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Anyone that can string a group of words together to make them a sentence deserves to be listened to, then sting those sentences into prose deserves credit.
Well done Imac.. I enjoyed reading it, but then again I do enjoy poetry

Carletta said...

Poetry of the soul perhaps :)
I thought it was lovely!

RuneE said...

I wish I could write as well as this!

It brings the many theories of parallel worlds to my mind.


I linked your blog im my blog



david mcmahon said...

And a poet as well!

Wish I could help with the name of that plant - it's a great shot.

You were so right about the talented Mr Hamilton. I think he's a great advertisement for the sport.

Willard said...

Wow, that's a wonderful poem! Also, you have posted a lot of excellent pictures since my last visit! Good work!

Paulie said...

Enjoyed your poem very much.