Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Big Carved Tree at Paignton Devon

The Big Carved Tree at Paignton in Devon. (click on the link to read all about it)

Last time we was at Paignton I took these photos what the Council did to the Big Tree.

A few years ago , when we were there I had the pleasure to photo the council cutting The Big tree down, this will be posted at a later date(as the photos are on film and will need to be scanned)

I have a piece of this tree, it rests in our garden near our little pond. Fancy 100 yrs old.

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BouBou's said...

What a wonderful series of pictures!

I imagine those spaces are large enough for an adult to sit in? It's great that you have a piece of it, too. Now I'm all curious about the story behind it. :-)


Old Wom Tigley said...

How I missed this I don't know.. this is fantastic.. The craftmanship and the thought behind this is just amazing. One of the best tree carvings of this sort I've ever seen.. The locals must love it.. I bet all the kids think it is a magic tree... it certainly looks as if it should be.

Hyde DP said...


No I never saw this when I was down there last week - whereabouts is it?

My internet-speed is so abysmal I had to come back after I'd had my supper!

Suzi-k said...

how cool, what a wonderful way to save an old stump for posterity!

Anonymous said...

THE BIG TREE was cut down to pave the way for a large private building development,the council conspired for its removal by a pack of lies that it was dying,some of us climbed this magnificent canadian spruce and put up protest banners (cut out deadwood look to the corridors of the council to name one) it makes me sick to see it now, before when huge and majestic it was awesome,It was a major local land mark and is now no longer known as THE BIG TREE but the big stump , it simply serves as a reminder to corruption.

imac said...

In answer to Anonymous, My Wife and I were but on Holiday, when we saw this Big Tree being cut down, As a Photographer, I saw an oppotunity to photograph it being cut down.
I was told it was going rotten?.

When we were on holiday down there another year,I thought it would be good to photograph what was in its place, hence the carving.
I was pleased to see the stump being used for a purpose, but upset to know that a tree like that one being cut down.

I dont usually answer people who dont give there name or email addy
but I have as it is a tree that I was interested in.
My email is on my blog if you so wish to email me.