Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Advice Please.

While at work today, there happened to be a Falconer with this Owl. Not having my SLR, only my new point and shot camera. Not able to site him - therefore background not very good. tried magnet lasso but with feathers it looked harsh, so used ordinary lasso and blured the bottom photo.
Which is best please top (without any alteration , or bottom with lasso and blur.


Old Wom Tigley said...

BOO! you old bugger... ha!. what a hoot.
I'd nip right over and give you a big kiss but "It's To Wet To Woo"

Looks like a European Eagle Owl..
I like the first picture... whats all this lassoing about.. I might need a run down on this.

Thank you for your kindness and comments whilst I've been un-well.. Jane was blown away with all the comments... oh! yes excuse the wobbly writing we are trying out some of Abe's medication as I write this.... ha!

DeeMom said...

bottom one less distraction for me

david mcmahon said...

Quite honestly, Stuart, I would stick with the first one. Why? Because the central attention is directed towards the owl's eyes, which are just riveting.

The secondary point of attention is the raised wing, which makes it such an unusual shot, because the other wing is out of synch.

Because both points of attention are so very strong, the background really doesn't matter.

And I would stick with the first shot because of the humour too. As a tennis player (and former Wimbledon correspondent) it looks like there is a tennis net under the owl's wing, and that he is brushing up his forehand!!

smilnsigh said...

I agree with David, although I'd never be able to come up with all those informed reasons.

For me, the eyes are riveting! And I don't care for any sort of *mushing* of a photo.

How lucky you were to see this bird. Oh I am so jealous. Just beautiful! Well, maybe 'beautiful' isn't the best description. Majestic, maybe.


Me said...

Yeah, that's a tough one. It's a beautiful bird, no doubt, but it is definitely a tricky job to clear out the background. Nice work...

Kerri said...

I like the bottom one best with the blur.

Dick said...

I prefer the first one, but I like the idea to make a blur background. I tried it also but it's a lot of work. Great photos.

zakscloset said...

i like them all but i like the top one cause it looks somewhat surrealistic!

Sharon said...

They are both just great, but I agree with Mr. Mc's points too.

smokepole said...

i like the first one.