Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Ralph to the rescue

Remember me, I'm Ralph, the retired tractor, cause yer do.

Well, I got called into work this morning, cause all other tractors are busy. Strong winds yesterday,blew this tree down yer see, an So's they shout me in to haul it away, me Ralph, yes thats me name, Ralph, they say come to work today and git rid of tree.

Well cant stop rattling on all day, got work to do, wont do itsel yer know. s'long sees yer later.


photowannabe said... do fantastic work. Not Baaaaad they say.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Hey Ralph,
Just a random bloghopper. But look, we do the sme thing, both of us - Show and tell.
And you have talking pictures!

sharon young said...

Hi Ralph
I've come over from Julie's blog, what a busy man you are!
Lovely photos, I particularly like the chinese lanterns.
I take it from your username your an Imac user!
Me too, I'm besotted with mine, her name is Bella, how sad am I? I've got the new 20", (from hubby last xmas) and it's wonderful. I can't repeat how I feel about PC's, it'd be way too rude!
My hubby shows his stuff on:, he doesn't have a blog or web site as yet.

YesBut said...

I don't like the look in that sheep's eye. Its got ATTITUDE

sharon young said...

Hi again
Sorry for the confusion :-) I'll be back for a longer look later when I'm done with the boring things!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Ralph Returns... I do like these Imac..
Now tell the truth, those sheep look mighty worried, you weren't shout 'Mint Sauce' at them were you. ;0)

Imac.. cheers mate, I have seen 3 cracking posts here this morning, each made me smile and feel better in myself. What more can I ask for.

Kerri said...

I think the sheep are saying.... "don't mess with us or we'll knock you over like we did that tree". No not really - they look like nice sheep! Not BAAAAD at all. (sorry had to steal from Photowannabe the BAAAAD part)

Sharon said...

Wowee Ralph, that's a HUGE tree, you must be a heckuva tractor! Hope you got 'er done! :)

DeeMom said...

Dang huge tree, what kind was it? Must have been its time or the WINDS had to have been hellacious

The sheep are lovely…
HA I have a log splitter ;)