Friday, 10 February 2017

Foto's 4 Fun
This week I'm showing some 
Fun Foto's

My Header
Kermit After a few Pints

Funtime with a cup of Coffee

Well !! This is certainly true - eh!

Well - thats it for this week folks
off you go home till next week.

Thanks ev1 for your comments too.


George said...

It looks as if Kermit definitely had a good time. But I think you must be getting wiser to keep coming up with these neat fun fotos!

imac said...

Many thanks MDF George, You're too kind Sir.

Anonymous said...

Is that fake news about Kermit? :-)
Great ones!

imac said...

Thankee Visualnorway, MDF Rune. I do think Kermit does like a pint or 3,lol