Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Photo's 4 Pleasure

Little late this week folks
To make it up to all my Friends

Here's  3 photos of

My Header
Photo taken from a Wild Flower Farm

Now here's 2 Photos
In Colour

Hope you Enjoy.
Pop back Next Week to see whats on show



Anonymous said...

It is always nice to see a bit of your magic. Not-so-small gems all of them!

imac said...

Thankee MDF Visualnorway.

Jinksy said...

Oo - what a feast for the eyes, on this grey, drizzly January day. I drool! lol ♥

imac said...

Thanks MDF Jinksy, so nice to hear from you, hope you keeping well.

George said...

Thanks for this mid-winter splash of color. Your macros are marvelous.

imac said...

ThanksDF George, Glad you enjoyed MDF

redx655 said...
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redx655 said...

Keep up the good work ole chap, all the best kenny...

imac said...

Thankee redx655