Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Will return in October.
Some of us are still posting - unless we are on Holiday.
Today - I am Posting from out trip to Austria in 2007 - hope you all will enjoy.

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The Austrian Alps

Next 3 are

Lake Pillersee

Autumn Colours

Beautiful Houses

Also Villages and Towns

Are they not just Beautiful?

One of the Many Churches 

Weeeeeeee, I have a fear  of Falling, but in these closed in cars I'm just fine.

Austrian Tradition of Bring the Cows down - for the Holiday Makers.

One more Lake Photo.

Sorry folks - Thats all for now.
Hope you will continue to visit while we The Headbangers are having a short break (as some of us take our Holidays) from our Competition, which will resume in October.

Thats yer Lot - Till next week.
Byeeee. - 4 now.


George said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos with us. Although we miss you when you're on holiday, we sure do love the photos you bring back!

Anonymous said...

That must be some holiday :-) But if you return with photos like this, any visitor will look forward to that experience. Happy holiday to both of you!

Lew said...

Beautiful spot and great photos, Mac!