Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Team Choice

Well, we are back from a spell in Cornwall.
St.Agnes and St Ives.

My post today is from a Special day of ours.
This year is our 10th (TIN) Wedding Anniversary.

While on  holiday we renewed our Wedding Vows
in the Ancient Chapel of St. Nicholas on the Island, 
St. Ives Cornwall.

10 years = Tin
Tin = Mines in Cornwall
Julie's past family worked in Tin Mines - Cornwall.

 We Just Love St Ives.

So it was very fitting that we renewed our Wedding Vows in St. Ives - Cornwall.

My Header is a Selfie of us two Going Strong.

All other Photos are from a Dear Friend and Photographer from St.Ives.
Steve Lynton.
(Many Thanks for the Photos DF Steve)

Nicola and Denise 
The Cornish Celebrants conducted our service for us, they were very efficient and Friendly, and did us very Proud.

On show in the Chapel we had a Photo from our Marriage 10 yrs ago - with the Hand made woven  Hand Tie for the ceremony.

Here I am reading - my Vows and Promises to Julie.
Julie also read out her Vows and Promises to me.

Placing our Rings on each other.

Here we have the Hand Tying Ceremony - Binding our Love to each other Forever.


We Kiss.

Now for the Photo-shoot.

Here we are-with our Relations and Friends.
Thanks to ev1 for coming.

The Ancient Chapel of
St Nicholas
on the Island
St. Ives
What a wonderful Day, 
With Family and Friends.


We all went to the Pub (The Lifeboat) for a meal.

Here's me Giving my Speech - thanking ev1 for coming and making our day a Success.

Love this Photo - most Apt, for I did feel I had a big head that day.


Katney said...


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Enjoyed getting to be with you during your trip if only in photo.

Lew said...

Glad you both and your love for each other is going strong! Great shots of the celebration!

George said...

It's good to see that you are still going strong. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Julie and you make a very handsome couple.

Anonymous said...

If something was ever worth celebrating :-)
Judging by the photos, the day must have been fantastic!