Monday, 18 April 2016

Tell a Tale in Pics n Words
by Mac

Ive always been interested in Photography, but since meeting MDW Julie - who is very Artistic, I have got involved in Artistic Photography, ie - playing around with my photos, be it in changing them altogether or setting up a photo shoot.

Some folk like my Artistic Photography and there's some that don't, sorry if you don't enjoy my Journey, lol.

My Header and next few photos are photographed in my Light box(portable) 
My Header
Here you see a Dinky Toy Car, set  up in my light box, place upon a mirror tile, then the photo turned upside down, so   the underneath car(reflection)  is to the front.

A Plain Scent bottle, but with lights shining on it - suddenly you get this Burst of Colours.

Times up! - Loved setting up this shot, plenty of playtime was had,lol

On to my Playtime - some photos are changed with just a click, and some are time consuming, as I work on them  - adding things or changing them completely.
The Ghost Train -Steams through the night, hoping to fill all the carriages with passengers before the early morning light.
Ever been in a Haunted Castle? and seen a Ghost?
Well here's One.
The story to this Ghost is that she never made the Alter - her  lover shot her before she walked up the Isle.

The face in the bottom of the  Glass.

A night scene looking out the window to the Ghost ship sailing by.

The Glass Pyramid in Paris, with me inside reading the book by Dan Brown, where the story was around there.

A twirl and we get a huge wave, then added the man on his sail board

Another Twirl, and we have Car Lights going around the Round-a-bout,lol

A clock on a wall - then just with one click - and we have an Extruded Clock,lol

A flower, Framed and Shattered edges, which seems to pull you into its centre.

B/W photo with a splash of colour.

The story of the BIG BANG

This is the one that took me 3 hours to complete with just one photo!

Now we come to the last photo
The Artistic fellow called Mac
Your's Truly,lol called 
Through the AGES of Mac.


If you have enjoyed just ONE of my choice of Artistic Work by Mac,
Then it has all been worthwhile.

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George said...

I very much enjoy your artistic photos. I'm especially impressed with your ghostly train and ship, but all of them are very well done.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

What fun Mac, that was very creative. Thanks for sharing.

Lew said...

Indeed, you have created art with your camera, not just photographed it! Love your use of mirrors and the ghost train!

Christine Soto said...

So you're at the center of the big bang?! I never knew. I love your swan image!!