Wednesday, 4 November 2015

by Lew.
The United Kingdom is steeped in History, and has been invaded by many Countries through-out the years, but we have also invaded many Countries, it must be that MAN likes to want more and more land - it would be nice to see ev1 work together and look after our Planet.

My Header and Post of Lew's theme  HISTORIC this week is of LINCOLN CITY - the capital of Lincolnshire County.

My Header
The Mighty Lincoln Cathedral - sat upon the Hill.
This photo was taken from the Walls of Lincoln Castle.
Step back in Time, Lincoln was a Roman City, but it was the Normans who left the Finest reminders of the past.
Lincoln City Cathedral 900yrs old and Lincoln Castle crowns the city of Lincoln on the mighty hill called Steep Hill.

Here are a few shots of the Cathedral

Now to go and have a peek inside of Lincoln Cathedral

As you can see - when the sun shines - the Cathedral is a mass of coloured Light from the Stained Glass windows
Here's More

A few more shots from inside- before we go and walk around outside

Now lets have a walk round outside of the Cathedral

Here we have the entrance of the Lincoln Imp, the story goes that he was dropped by wind in Jakes Garden, causing Havoc, He's small but wild, a Magical Trickster and  a Practical Joker.
He now sits crossed legged on a Pillar inside the Cathedral
They say one day he will -----maybe?

Her's a few photos around the outside of the Cathedral.

Lincoln Castle
Norman built, has the cities Court and still is use
today. The Castle also Houses Lincoln's Original copy of the Magna Carta sealed by King John in 1215 which is on show to the public at certain times.
Here's a few shots from the Castle.

From the Cathedral and Castle we walk down The Steep Hill - "its Namesake"

Believe me - its steeper than it looks,lol

On Steep Hill we have the Jews House, 12th century  stone.
If you want to know more about Lincoln and its Buildings, just google
Ask two Great Friends of ours
Our dear Beloved Friends Kathy and Ranny
Whom we met some years ago on their whistle stop tour of the UK.

Just before we finish
Lets have a coffee in town
An Olde Worldly coffee shop

Thats yer lot folks.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Amazing will not even cover my thoughts on this magnificent place. Thanks for sharing.

George said...

Your photos of the cathedral are stunning. It must have been a pleasure to see the sights of Lincoln in person.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME must be the right word for this tour - both as photos and as a visit to such a fine historic cathedral with surroundings to match.

Lew said...

I agree - that is an awesome header! Your history is longer than ours, but the early settlers here brought the ideas with them and made some pretty good replicas.

Christine Soto said...

Beautiful just doesn't describe it, Mac. And to top everything off with a picture of Kathy and Ranny; how neat!!

Katney said...

A treasured visit that was indeed. Should you ever have the chance choose Mac and Julie as your guides. I had thought of using Lincoln Cathedral and Castle as well but stuck closer to home. Today's blogtour of historic district has shown a lot of variety.