Monday, 30 November 2015

One item from your home
Header and Post Pics
by Mac

Still struggling with my new updated Computer.
Every thing has a different way of doing things, so its a slow Learning Curve.

1 item from your Home
in your Header and post pics.

Julie and I walked into a 2nd hand shop - spending roughly an hour in there, as there were so many interesting items for sale.
Julie found this small glass bottle, looked plain glass  - UNTIL - the the bottle caught the light,
WOW each and every way you turned it showed colours galore - as you will see as you look through my Header and post pics.

Told you - what a fantastic show of colours.
All from a small Glass Bottle.
3inches high by one and a half inches each side.
Thats Yer Lot Folks for this week.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Great refractions Mac, it is a such colorful piece.

Anonymous said...

You have really done yourself proud with this one! I have seldom (read never) seen a bottle like this!

Lew said...

The old glass has some wonderful effects on light! Reflecting, splitting, and concentrating the light. Great series of images!

Katney said...

Nice to have fun items on display.

Katney said...

.Nice find.

Okay, since I saw Lew's face there I thought I was commenting on his--Like I have said, it has been an interesting week.