Wednesday, 21 October 2015


One of my favourites of a Selfie is a Reflection and I have included some reflections into this post of SELFIE.

My Header
Selfie 1
Walking along the river with my camera, looking out for a shoot, I came upon this window and my reflection, I thought to myself, what I really want is someone else with me in the Photo, only  took 5 minutes and this chappie comes strolling down the walkway, so I lined and focused up and when he was in the frame, I pressed the shutter.
Just look at his face - you can really see what he was thinking - can't you.
((What the hell is he taking a photo of a window  with a curtain up at it for??))
Little did he know - that he was a major part of my photo. 
"I Love it when you Capture something like this"

Lets see some more Reflections for Selfie

Mirror Work - Both containing Julie

when the Sun Shines - out comes the ((Shades))
Sunglasses…. Ideal for Selfie's….

A Shiny Brass stud in a post does the trick too.

Also we have the Magic Mirrors.
The Stubby Couple lol

In St Ives - Cornwall - on a wet day, shooting through the large Mirror in our Holiday flat.

The Ghost of Mac - capturing my Budda.

Just Me.

This day  - we were a shadow of ourselves.

Just Me - Making Ripples

Now for some photos of me from - sitting in front of my iMac with a little clever work from the iMac

Also Last weeks Header
I Caused  - {The Big Bang Theory,} lol

The Next  - and LAST Selfie is called

Please look away if you are a little shy






Bathroom Blues
Thats what you call Mirror Reflection+


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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun, fun, fun, if I might say my friend Mac. That big camera is always with you. Even in the shower.

Lew said...

Lots of delightful selfies. And you put yourself in the greater scene in many of them!

Christine Soto said...

Seriously nice collection of selfies, Mac! I love your header for all the reasons you stated. I guessed (before I read what you wrote) that you waited til that chap was in the picture--hopefully I would've done the same. Very nice!!

Anonymous said...

That's the way to do selfies! Much better that the Smart Phone variety that haunts us everywhere. Keep it up!

PS Thank you for the offer, but as you know I change my Header very seldom (hardly at all ...), and these days my photography is mostly concerned with five small grandchildren that I very seldom post. But I like to follow your group and wish you all the best. Maybe one day when time and other matters are better suited.

Katney said...

Mirrors make good selfies possible.