Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Story - by Kathy.

I'm gonna tell ya-all a Story
Building our Pebble Pond

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This was taken in 2012

Back in March 2005 we decided that we wanted a Pebble Pond - no fish, just a few water plants and what life that Nature would bring to our pond, so don't want it deep.

Regretfully - we have no photos of me doing the hard labour of digging the hole - of which Julie can vouch for me that I did do the digging - off to the Garden centre and bought the Lining, loose Pebbles, Pieces of slate and a few plants.

After the hard work of Hole digging, 
I set about laying the Lining
Also testing that no water leaked.

Then beginning to fill, from the the barrels of rain water.

Building a little (Shore Line) I started laying down the pebbles.

Julie had the hard task of washing the Pebbles, bag after bag, as they were dirty, lol.

Making progress- 

Well! there we are, all sorted and built.
just want more plants - 

As time passed, we had a little change around the Pond with 1 or 2 added items to make it a little more Homely. Some one at work offered me some frog-sporn, they hatched, 

we fed them on Brown Bread, they loved it.

That Winter - we had lots of snow.

Come March we had little frogs hopping around the garden and hiding in the flowers.

We had also visitors who found our Pebble Pond and they set too being frisky,-

Now every year  - its the same, Loads of them.
The frogs visit the neighbours both sides, we often see the little frogs hopping out of the way when I cut the lawn.
2 Specials
We also have our own little Money Fairy, 
who fishes out of our Pebble Pond a dish full of
£1 coins every day.

This IS True
This year 20th March 2015
we had the Eclipse of the Sun, we were out in the Garden watching  - when suddenly I spotted the Eclipse in the Pebble Pond, I rushed and grabbed my camera and took a shot.
If you look at the Sun in the pond, you will see(bottom left hand corner) the shadow of the moon just disappearing, How thrilled was I.


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George said...

I loved your story and the photos. Your (and Julie's) hard work has certainly paid off. The picture of the eclipse in the pond is neat!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nicely done Mac, I would skip digging. What back breaking work. It looks wonderful in the Winter.

Katney said...

Great story, well told and well shot. And inspiring. Hmmm. Wonder if I could pull it off. Front yard or back? hmmmm.

Christine Soto said...

What a beautiful pond area! It's so nice to be able to enjoy your hard work. Neat that you captured the eclipse in the water's reflection, too!

Anonymous said...

Now, that was fine piece of work, and in more way than one!