Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Photos taken within the last few weeks
Team Choice

Over the last few weeks, we have been rather busy with days out on day trips and just walks around Grantham.
Please Come - and join us - as I take you on an enjoyable few days out.

The most recent day out was  Sunday(just past)
We went out to an Artists delightful show - called Patchings, and folk from all over the UK come to visit and take part, of course there were  many stalls selling Arty items, demonstrations, Competitions, Brass Band playing and refreshments, but what caught my eye the most was a showing of many owls, this is where my Header came from.

{{Owl be seeing you}}
I came away from there a very happy (bunny)(OWL was pleased) with some great photos - also Julie came away with a FEW items also,lol.


Another day out was Last Saturday, where we both went to YORK city, 2 fold theme for us both,
A Quilt show and Steam Train museum, with lunch in between - A Bacon and Egg Bap and a half of their finest Ale.

One of the Biggest Steam Engines in the World

and My delight of that Saturday was 
I got to spend a few minutes on the footplate of the Steam Engine MALLARD (which holds the Worlds  Steam Speed Record of 126mph Near Grantham)
Sadly - she don't get steamed up  anymore - but still tours around the Country by being pulled along with one of the oldest Diesel trains.

Lady and the Lamp

Big wheel and  Sunbeams
Both these were taken at Scarborough,
One of Yorkshire's finest Seaside Resorts.

lit in 1948 by Montgomery.
more info if you Google{Freedom Flame}
Visited Grantham the other day
and I got to hold one of the Torches


Where to next??

A walk along the River Witham
Which flows through Grantham

A Moorhen feeding its chicks

Next a stroll along 
Grantham's Canal

Lots of Fields of  Rape seed around Grantham

and of Course
I got a Huge Hug from a Tree

Last to report and show
Our Poppy from London Tower has bloomed in our Garden at Last.


and over to you

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Photos Taken in the last few weeks

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

You have been snapping away as usual Mac. What a neat set of captures.

Katney said...

Great collection. Which one to comment on. Actually, I do love the field of rapeseed. Though yellow is not my usual favorite color.

Lew said...

Beautiful photography all around the Isle! Getting close up to the owl is fantastic!

Christine said...

Beautiful assortment of photos, Mac! I love the sharpness of the shot of the owl--what an amazing creature. I'd love to visit with my camera, snap some shots, and sit and share a pint with you! (Okay, half a pint; a pint would put me under, lol!)

Anonymous said...

You live a busy life - and that must be great! Lots of interesting things do and photos to take. My favourite is of course the locomotive :-)