Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Children's Toys
by Mac

I know we are Adults(in body only) but our minds still like to play, even if our Toys are Camera's, But My Header and Post Pics are children's toys, and none are mine.
My Latest Toy - is my Portable Light Box, which I still am getting the hang of using it  - in  getting the right shots. 
Well worth investing £30ish for the whole bundle.

My Header
The good ol Dinky Toys.
Photographed in my Light Box, on a mirror tile.
Without the Mirror Tile
Within the bundle - you get the boxNetting on rods stick together, 4 coloured cloths, 2 portable lights, and a camera stand.
Google and see if you are interested??

Lets now have a look at some more toys,
Within the Light Box.
Twangy the Chick on his Naughty Chair,lol

Gy-Fraff and friends in the Chuffer Train

Thats e-nuff from The Light Box

A Selection of soft Toys.

Soft Toys just go QUACKERS over white Chocolate.

Little Ted watching the Birdie.

Our little Nephew Max playing with building bricks with Julie.

To Finish with.
Little Julie and Stewart
Made by A Very  Good Friend and ex Headbanger
Tom Wigley for my 65th Birthday - just about to Celebrate my 67th Birthday - next week - Thats why We are not here to play Headbangers, going away with some friends to Celebrate.

Thats yer lot Folks.

To see what the other HEADBANGERS  have for my theme of Childrens Toys - pop across to my side bar  - near my shield.



Katney said...

My 69th was yesterday. And I didn't get to go anywhere. Well, we go see his doc today and I did get to the grocery store.

George said...

I enjoyed all of your toys. It looks as if the light box was a very worthwhile investment. Your photos are marvelous. Happy Birthday a little early.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nice my friend, I really like little Mac.

Lew said...

Happy Birthday! Love the light box shots. Header is spectacular!

Christine said...

Neat neat shots of toys, Mac! Looks like you're having fun with your light box; I may have to check that one out. Happy early birthday and I hope you have a grand celebration!!

ju-north said...

These are great! I've got a home made light box but would be interested to see your setup if you could put a pic up sometime. Have a happy birthday when it arrives!

Anonymous said...

It is tempting to say that this was just "child's play" for you :-)