Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Photo's taken within the last Month

EEEE by Gum,
This will keep us all on our Toes
use of the camera and not delve into the Albums n Files.

Well, lets see, Ive had 2 shoots within the last month.

In our Garden
In the House

Lets visit our Garden first

My Header
Sitting by our Pebble Pond, we have a friendly Money Fairy, and every day she scoops a few coins out of the Pond for us, my job 1st thing is to go and collect the few coins she has in her bowl for us.
I guess you could call this "WISHFUL THINKING"

More in the Garden
The last of the snow - Hopefully? 
An old boot that has a few flowers within - and blooms in the Summer

A Couple of Hoots taking in the sun and watching the last of the snow melt.

Meer-Kat keeping watch on our Pebble Jar

Of course, no Garden should be without a 


For Valentines I treated Julie to some Tulips
which is or now was on show in the kitchen window.
They lasted till last week, amazing - Ive never known tulips to last so long - which prompted me to do a shoot before they passed over - The last shot shows just as the 1st petal had dropped

These were taken with my 300mm lens @ 300 and 12 feet away, using the window as the backing

The beginning of the end

Drooping - catching the inside

One Petal fallen - 
which really grabbed me - so camera into action once again.
This is my fav shot from the tulips.

Well folks
Thats yer lot this week

Don't forget that I'm not here next week, will post on the Monday as we go then - also won't be able to vote.

My theme for next week is 
Your Favourite Place to Visit.


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Katney said...

Your garden is quite fanciful. I see Julie's hand in its creation.

George said...

I really enjoyed the stroll though your garden. It's beautiful even without any blossoms. Your photo studies of the tulips are marvelous.

Lew said...

Your garden is also well protected! Love the tulips.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lovely captures Mac, although it's hard to call that sprinkle of snow much to show. I love your garden statues.

Christine said...

Wow, nice images! I'd love to see a wide angle of your garden!! I've read about your Green Man; interesting character. And I love the tulips, especially with the backlight. Nice images all around!